Benefit of ICA Membership

  • Networking
  • Professional updating
  • Representation of the interests of life sciences in Europe and globally

ICA benefits individuals, institutions and life sciences as a whole

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Our Vision

ICA’s vision is to enhance our members’ success in the international market place, in Europe and globally, by providing a supportive environment to share experience, to cooperate in new ventures, and to benefit from the resulting synergy.

Our Mission

ICA’s core purpose, operating at the professional, organisational and political level, is to promote and support European universities focuing on the life sciences.

In fulfilling this purpose, our mission is to:

  • stimulate and support our member institutions in the life sciences in the development of a European dimension in education, research and innovation through the elaboration of joint actions and global engagement,
  • support networking in the life sciences to share expertise and understanding, and in doing so facilitate change, and
  • represent the general interest of our members at the European level and globally.

Our Operational Objectives

In fulfilling this mission ICA will aid its members by:

  1. supporting the development of a European dimension to education, research and innovation through active networking, joint conferences and joint EU projects
  2. promoting the availability of European education and research in ICA's disciplines world wide
  3. supporting the actions and initiatives of different disciplines and networks through its collaboration in the work of ICA's Standing Committees
  4. representing the general interest of universities focusing on the life sciences in Europe
  5. enhancing the quality of higher education by taking a proactive role in international quality assurance and accreditation processes
  6. enhancing the engagement of universities with enterprises in respect of education, research and innovation
  7. supporting global internationalisation of ICA's members by working directly with members and through involvement by ICA in the work of international networks
  8. co-operating with other relevant institutions and professional organisations
  9. securing funds to reach these objectives


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