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ICA Forum: Tour of Wageningen University and Research High Tech Greenhouse Facilities

Participants will visit the Serre greenhouse of 9.000 m2 glass which is subdivided into no less than 100 compartments of different sizes and technical facilities. There will be stops at 3 spots where speakers will give in-depth information and show demos of high tech applications. The speakers are planned for 10 minutes each (incl. discussion). The tour will be in 3 groups

Rene Smulders, Business Unit manager Plant Breeding, WUR
New Plant Breeding Techniques include various techniques developed in the last 15 years to improve the speed and precision in breeding of new plant varieties. They include cisgenesis and genome editing, amongst others.

Rick van de Zedde, Sr. scientist/ business developer Phenomics & Automation, WUR
"Phenotyping high-tech tools to measure, understand, model and predict plant growth."
WUR has started building the Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre (NPEC) together with partner Utrecht University. This NWO large scale research infrastructure will be developing fully automated climate rooms, a greenhouse and field phenotyping equipment. The first machines have arrived and will be demonstrated. Background info: www.wur.eu/npec

Leo van Overbeek, Sr. Researcher Bio-interactions & Plant Health, WUR
"Approaches to study the epidemiology of (regulated) plant pathogens."
In contained facilities at Unifarm, the survival, dispersal, entrance, colonization and symptomatology of (regulated) plant pathogens are studied using strains tagged with a fluorescent label. Various techniques are used to localize the pathogens in the plant ecosystem, including non-invasive monitoring systems.